Steps to install PMB on the 64 Bit Windows Platform.

Ok, here’s an update to the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) for a Windows7 64-bit computer installation:

1. Ensure you have the original software disc 2. Download the file to your Desktop from,36,34,35&ULA=YES 3. Connect the camera to the USB port of the computer. 4. Close all open programs 5. Insert original CD into [...]

Installing Sony PMB on Windows7 64-bit. (Windows7 won't start after installing Picture Motion Browser - PMB)

Did you just complete a system restore because installing the Sony Picture Motion Browser (PMB) disc on your Windows7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit caused the system to stop booting? Try the web-installer of the x64-compatible version of PMB!

For best results, be sure to login as an administrator, or run the installer with Administrator [...]