• Bell Expressvu info menu pops up repeatedly

    Just had to post this one for any poor souls out there who experience this bizarre issue: Bell Expressvu “Info” caption appears constantly or intermittently without pressing any buttons!

    Cause: Infrared (IR) interference. Could be caused by reflective objects, ambient sensor/light sensor feature of LCD television. Most likely this is caused by the LCD panel itself, which is producing a wide spectrum of light to produce the picture. This interferes with Bell Satellite Receiver’s IR reception, causing the INFO caption to display frequently.

    Solution: Change the Bell Receiver’s “Remote Address” (IR reception frequency). On the Bell Remote, press MENU twice to display the SYSTEM INFO screen. Press & HOLD SAT until the mode lights are lit in red. Press 1, 4, #, then RECORD while pointing the remote at the receiver. The SYSTEM INFO screen should now read “REMOTE ADDRESS: 14″. NOTE: Any other Bell remotes you use with the same receiver will need to be adjusted to remote address 14 as above. Note also that any other universal remotes will now fail to function with your bell box. Alas, there may be nothing you can do about this, unless you have a learning remote.

    Solution 2: Another option is to replace the TV. Likely another model – even from the same brand will fix the problem. I have seen issues where replacing with the same model of television (or replacing Bell box with same model) will result in the same issue.

  • How to RESET your Sony TV! (And STRDN2010 by special request..)

    To reset your Sony TV, you can use UP on the remote, and POWER on the TV (panel buttons).
    1. Point the remote at the TV (while the TV is on for normal viewing).
    2. Press and HOLD the UP arrow (on the circle of arrows Left, Right, Up & Down).
    3. While holding UP, press POWER on the TV itself (not the remote control!)
    4. The TV powers off/on and displays the initial setup “Please select your Language: English”.

    To Reset your Sony STRDN2010 (Performing Initial Setup):
    1. Press I/O (POWER) to turn off the receiver.
    2. Press and HOLD the MUTING button and MUSIC button on the front panel (not the remote).
    3. While holding MUTING and MUSIC, press Power to turn the unit on.
    4. The display shows “CLEARING”, then “CLEARED”. All settings are reset to initial settings (factory default).


  • Display Saves the Day

    If you’re trying to figure out the resolution that you’re getting from your HDTV, always remember that the TV can tell you info about the incoming signal!

    Press DISPLAY on a Sony TV Remote to see info like:


    On other remotes, the button might also say INFO.

    The info above indicates an HD signal (1080i) and a rectangular shape of screen (16:9 –> 16 units wide x 9 units tall or 1.78:1)

    FULL indicates that the picture is exactly fitting the screen, so if the top and bottom of the picture are cut off, you need to change the picture at the source.

    Using a Bell remote: press FORMAT (#) –> PGUP, PGUP, etc

    Using a Rogers/Shaw remote: press HD ZOOM to change the picture shape!

    Now the picture shape bows to you!!!

  • Steps to install PMB on the 64 Bit Windows7 Platform.

    Ok, here’s an update to the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) for a Windows7 64-bit computer installation:

    1. Ensure you have the original software disc
    2. Download the file to your Desktop from http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-spec-eula.pl?mdl=HDRSR7&upd_id=4538&os_id=33,36,34,35&ULA=YES
    3. Connect the camera to the USB port of the computer.
    4. Close all open programs
    5. Insert original CD into computer
    6. Double-Click and Run the “x64PMBinstaller0903.exe” from the Desktop.
    7. Follow steps presented to install PMB.
    8. Once completed system will reboot
    9. After reboot – Proceed to “Update Picture Motion Browser”
    10. Can download Update from: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-download.pl?mdl=HDRSR7&upd_id=4534&os_id=47
    11. Download and install “SPU_Upgrade0902a.exe”.
    12. Reboot
    13. Launch PMB

    Good Luck!!!

  • How to Record with a Sony Recorder

    If you’re having issues with a Sony Recorder, be reminded that the Coaxial Ports are pass-through only! You cannot watch or record a DVD or even use the SYSTEM MENU of the recorder! Also if you have a cable box, you should use S-VIDEO OUT from the cable box (don’t forget the white & red RCA cables also for the sound) to LINE 1 IN on the recorder for the best quality recording.

    For output from the Recorder, connect HDMI OUT to the TV or COMPONENT OUT so that the recorder can upconvert the picture!

    When setting a timer, be sure to set the CABLE BOX/DVR BOX/HD BOX to the channel that you wish to record, and THEN set the recorder TIMER to record LINE 1 (L1) at the time of your choosing.

    Good Luck!

    Don't connect COAX OUT!!! You can't even play a DVD!